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                  134屆中國進出口商品交易會-The 134th China Import and Export Fair



                  ?編輯日期:2023-11-04           Editing date: 2023-11-04



                  The 134th China Import and Export Fair was held in Guangzhou from Oct. 15th to Nov.4th, 2023.As the largest exhibition in the world,the Canton Fair has been renowned worldwide for 67 years.


                    After several years of the pandemic , this Canton Fair has the highest number of overseas buyers and exhibitors.The exhibition of Sapoe also is the highest in history at this Canton Fair , our local government has given us booths for the first, second, and third phases.At this exhibition, we are showed over a dozen of Sapoe classic coffee machines, also introduced many new products such as the AURORA series full automatic table bean to cup coffee vending machine and GIOIA full automatic popcorn machine.This Canton Fair has a large number of purchasers from countries and regions jointly building the "the Belt and Road",our negotiation table is fully  all the time,at least 100 buyers come to negotiate every day.Some new customers also placed the orders on the spot, according to the feedback from customer managers.


                    New and old customers in the new NUO booth business negotiations.At this Canton Fair, Sapoe's booth was crowded with so many new and old customers.We are not only received the praise from customers for the products, but also received a lots of orders.


                    In the future, Sapoe will increase r & D investment, constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, pursue high-end product R & D and innovation, and strive to bring more quality products to global consumers.